Consular services


No. List of Services Service fee /SGD/
One. Civil Registration Service
1. Apply for citizenship or loss of citizenship 600
Two. Notary Service
2. General notarisation of documents 70
3. Attesting the signature and execution of documents 70
4. Power of Attorney 70
5. Certified true copy of document 35
6. Acknowledgement of signature 35

NONREFUNDABLE fees must be paid to the following bank account prior to the Consular Service:Note: If you wish to have translation service, please contact with The current fee for a Notarial seal is 70 SGD.  For each additional seal required whether it is within the same document or a separate document, there is an additional fee of 70 SGD per seal.

UOB Bank

Account name: Embassy of Mongolia

Account no: 136-311-585-9

Please take note that the Consular section provides service only based on CASH DEPOSIT PAYMENT SLIP (UOB BANK) and the payment is non-refundable. Cash or cheque is not acceptable for payment term. The payment is ONLY VALID WITHIN THE MONTH OF PAYMENT.

Notarial Services Checklist

 In order to receive notarial services from the Consular Section, please:

  • Bring a valid Mongolia or other Government-issued travel document /passport/with name, photograph and signature. Please be sure to bring identification that matches the name on the document. For example, we cannot notarize the signature “George Lee” if Ms. Lee can only present identification showing the name “Lee Binani Shyam”;
  • Bring the bank money order
  • All documents needs to be translated into Mongolian language;
  • Make sure you understand your document. Consular staff cannot explain or advise you in any way regarding the form or content of  your document;
  • Make sure your document is complete and organized sequentially;
  • Clearly tag  the pages where you need the notary signature and seal;
  • Completely fill in all blank spaces on the document;
  • Do not sign your document until requested to do so by a Consular Officer.

 Refusal of Notarial Services

 Please be aware that notarial services may be refused when:

  • It is prohibited by Mongolian law, treaty or foreign law;
  • The document is blank or incomplete;
  • The officer believes that the document is suspicious, potentially illegal, or detrimental to the best interests of Mongolia;
  • The officer does not understand the document, due to language or any other reason;
  • The officer believes the customer does not understand the document or is acting under duress;
  • The officer providing the notarial service has a disqualifying interest;
  • Invalid, inadequate or insufficient proof of identification is presented, or proof of a corporate title or position is lacking or inadequate.

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